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Christchurch Housing Crisis – Bayleys Has Properties Available

It’s breaking news: Christchurch’s rental housing crisis has reached a critical point with virtually no property for rent left available.  As tenants have to move out in order for repair works to be undertaken on their houses, it is near impossible to find short-term interim accommodation in Christchurch. The result is that many tenants have to remain in their homes while [...]


Christchurch Rental Property Report: Housing Challenge Prevailsf

Trade Me Property has just released its property report, which confirms what hopeful tenants all over Christchurch have experienced in the last months: listings for available rental property in Christchurch (excluding apartments) are down 40% compared to last year.  According to Trade Me’s figures, numbers of properties for rent started to decline after September 2010. Head of Trade [...]


Improve Your Chances of Getting a Rental Property – Part 1

It’s a hot topic in Christchurch at the moment: the shortage of rental property in Christchurch. Property for rent is in high demand after many properties have been red-zoned and people have to relocate temporarily in order for repair works to get underway. But with sometimes hundreds of people showing up for viewings, how can you improve your chances to get your hands on a property [...]


Improve Your Chances of Getting a Rental Property – Part 2

In our last blog our Christchurch Property Managers put their heads together to come up with a list of all the things you should do to improve your chances of getting a rental property in Christchurch. Ticking all the boxes on that to-do list will definitely set you apart from your competitors. If, on top of that, you can avoid making the following common mistakes when applying for a rental property [...]


Renting Out Property without Hassle – What Bayleys Property Management Does for You

Demands for Christchurch rental property is higher than ever before, according to Trade Me’s Property Report rental prices have gone up by 15%, and available rental accommodation is being snapped up as soon as it appears on the market. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that not only seasoned property investors want to tap into Christchurch’s booming rental market. People have even [...]


Investment Specialist Angela Webb Joins Bayleys Christchurch

Our Property Manager Team is happy to announce an addition to the Bayleys family. Angela Webb, a Christchurch Investment Specialist has recently joined our team and is already working hard to assist buyers and sellers with advice on property transactions. If you need help obtaining and building rental portfolios, Angela is your first port of call. With expert knowledge, a very wide network and [...]


Christchurch Property for Rent – Top Tips for New Landlords

Are you thinking about becoming a first-time landlord? With Christchurch property for rent so high in demand at the moment, many people are tempted to tap into this market. New rentals are being snapped up in no time and in some areas prices have increased by up to 15% (according to Trade Me’s Property Report).  However, there is a bit more to renting out property than making [...]


Christchurch Rental Situation Is Looking Up

Just in time for the first glorious winter days in Christchurch, things are looking up on the rental market. It’s not rental wonderland just yet, but there is definitely much more property for rent available. Listings on TradeMe are up to their high 700s. At Bayleys Property Management we’ve had a closer look at the figures to give you a bit of an overview of what’s out there. [...]


Christchurch Rental Market - How Bad Is the Crisis Really?

Newspapers paint pictures of families having to live in caravans, garages and cars because of the shortage in Christchurch property for rent and astronomical rent rises; Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee maintains that Christchurch is in a reasonable position; and some landlords complain they can’t tenant their rentals. What’s true? How bad is Christchurch's [...]


Problems with Renting out Christchurch Property? Bayleys Property Management Can Help.

Despite the ongoing shortage of low-priced property for rent in Christchurch, more and more landlords are stepping forward, complaining about troubles renting out mid-priced and high-end properties.  No calls for a short-term rental at $450 for a 5-bedroom Huntsbury home, a price-drop from $480 to $430 for a 3-bedroom north-facing Cashmere house, no takers for a 3-bedroom Sumner property [...]


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