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Christchurch Property Management – 8 Reasons to Get a Property Manager

The rental property shortage in Christchurch is all over the news and Canterbury’s papers. Property owners get inundated with hopeful tenants, bidding wars are flaring up and Christchurch rent prices are rising. With so much demand for rental homes it is of course a great time to be a landlord in Christchurch. But in order to make the most of the current investment it’s a good idea to get a Christchurch property manager. Bayleys Property Management has a team of highly experienced Property Managers at hand to answer any questions you may have, and to do all the hard work for you.

  • Bayleys Property Management can advise you on how much to charge. With the current bidding wars over Christchurch properties for rent, we will present all applications to you. However, we don’t only take the financial side into consideration when assisting you in finding the right tenant. At Bayleys we know that it is just as important to find the best fit, i.e. tenants who are not just leading the bidding wars but pay on time and keep your property in a pristine condition, too.
  • Our Christchurch Property Managers deal with all viewings. With sometimes hundreds of people turning up for new rental properties, conducting viewings can seem daunting. Your assigned Property Manager will handle the situation and deal with property viewings for you.
  • We deal with all the applications. When signing up with Bayleys Property Management, your property will be listed in our Christchurch Property for Rent section. Future tenants can apply online and our experienced Property Managers will take care of the piles of applications bound to come.
  • As part of our Christchurch Rental Property Management service we carry out thorough reference checks, financial and credit checks. With the current shortage of rental properties people may get carried away in bidding wars and make offers which exceed their means. Our Property Managers have the ability to carry out comprehensive financial and credit checks to ensure your future tenants will pay their rent on time. We will also carry out reference checks on your behalf to make sure you get nothing but high-quality tenants.
  • Don’t worry about rent collection. When it comes to collecting rent, Bayleys Property Management acts on your behalf, making sure your receive your rent on time, every time. Furthermore, at the end of each financial year you will receive an annual income and expenditure summary so your Accountant can claim the maximum tax benefits for you.
  • We deal with maintenance and repairs. Our Property Managers will promptly attend to any maintenance issues in order to maintain the capital value of your rental property and keep your tenants happy. Bayleys Property Management has excellent, cost-effective, reliable contractors at hand to deal with any issues. 
  • We perform regular inspections. Our property inspections don’t only include comprehensive pre-tenancy reports (including photographs) and end-of-tenancy inspections. Bayleys Property Management also carries out quarterly inspections during the year to ensure your property is well maintained.
  • Our Christchurch Property Managers can help with insurance info. The big ‘I’ word can be an issue in Christchurch these days. At Bayleys Property Management we offer insurance for your investment property which covers risk such as malicious damage or thefts by tenants/guests. Please note however, that such specialised insurance for landlords is complementary to your existing house insurance and can’t replace it.