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How can you attract the best possible tenants to your property?

There are many things you can do to ensure you get the best possible tenant for your property. Some of these things include property presentation – both inside and out. Matters such as the carpet being cleaned, the paint work being up to date, the property being though roughly clean throughout.

Marketing your property correctly is paramount. Your property as a minimum should be advertised in several mediums be it newspaper, internal website of the property management agency, trademe and/or realestate.co.nz, for rent sign, your property managers vacancy list. The bigger the net, the more “fish” to choose from.

Professional photos together with video marketing even of your rental property can be done by your property manager and they really do make such a big difference. A photo or photo’s done correctly often “sell the place”.

If the property is furnished, it is really important to have the furniture both up to date and clean. Out of date furniture and unclean furniture can be a real turn off for potential tenants or indeed attract “the wrong kinds of tenants to your property.