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Improve Your Chances of Getting a Rental Property – Part 2

In our last blog our Christchurch Property Managers put their heads together to come up with a list of all the things you should do to improve your chances of getting a rental property in Christchurch. Ticking all the boxes on that to-do list will definitely set you apart from your competitors. If, on top of that, you can avoid making the following common mistakes when applying for a rental property, you can hopefully move into your new rental in no time. Of course luck plays a certain role in today’s competitive market, too, but here is the

Top 10 of what NOT to do when looking for a rental property:

  1. If you’re early for a viewing that’s great, but wait for the Property Manager – don't wander around the property, look in sheds or step on the garden.
  2. If you have questions for the Property Manager that’s good, but be prepared and don't ask irrelevant questions.
  3. Don’t rush and hand in incomplete application forms. It’s NOT a case of ‘an incomplete form handed in early is better than a completed one a little later’.
  4. If you have viewed the property and want to apply, we suggest you have your application submitted within the same day, so you don’t miss out. Applications generally take about 24 hours to process at the moment, so if you leave it for a day to get your application in, you might be too late. Or contact the Property Manager and let them know when they can expect the application form. Email is always the best way to contact.
  5. Don’t text the Property Manager questions about a property, always call or email where possible. If you are emailing Bayleys Property Management regarding a question, please provide your contact mobile number also.
  6. Don’t ask to move into a property for 6 weeks if it’s listed as a long-term rental.
  7. Don't lie – normally Property Managers find out, as we are much cleverer than you may expect!
  8. Don't wait for us to find out about negative aspects of your past with credit and reference checks, but be honest in the first place and explain the situation in your cover letter.
  9. Don’t hand in a tenancy application and cover letter riddled with mistakes and inconsistencies. A clean, error-free tenant application which is treated like a job application will end up at the top of the pile.
  10. Don’t put your life story into your cover letter. Property Managers and landlords are after relevant, concise information about prospective tenants.