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Bayleys' Property Managers in Christchurch can advise you on all aspects of the process, from buying an investment property, to renting out your own family home or owning and renting student accommodation.

We reckon you don't need one. In fact, we are so confident we provide outstanding Realty Management that we guarantee if, after 3 months, you are not entirely satisfied with our Property Management we will cancel the contract and refund in full all Realty Management fees paid by you!

"[We] have no hesitation in recommending Lisa and Bayleys Property Management who do an amazing job." ~ G. & H. Wright, Christchurch
We require at least 2 sets of keys to be provided for all locks (where possible). One set will be retained in our office. This includes garages and sheds. We can also provide you with a comprehensive cleaning checklist if required and further discussions can be had after we have viewed your property.
Rent is paid to us by automatic payment, and this is monitored daily to ensure tenants meet their obligations. We forward the rent to you either twice monthly or monthly with our management fee deducted and any other applicable fees.
If after showing your property, they are interested in renting it, we arrange for them to come into the office and be interviewed. Potential tenants are required to fill out a comprehensive application form which includes details of their personal and working situations and current renting/living arrangements. The application also gives us the authority to check personal and business references, previous landlord references, permission to check with online tenant referencing agencies and to do a credit check. Once we have all the information needed and we are 100% comfortable, we will select the most suitable tenants for your property after consultation with yourself.
We will arrange for all repairs and maintenance as required, up to an amount specified by you. If you have your own preferred contractors, we are happy to work with them also. However in the case of urgent after-hours repairs which are required to either preserve the original condition of the property or to provide essential facilities for the tenant, we will commission repair work without prior reference to the property owner if necessary.
The demand for rental properties in Christchurch is traditionally strong. So long as the property is well presented, has good heating and is priced and marketed correctly, it usually takes around 2 to 3 weeks to secure good tenants.
We routinely inspect your property 4 times per year. A letter and report is sent out to you after each inspection. We conduct them for 3 main reasons:
  • The tenant knows we are visiting regularly
  • We ensure the house is being looked after
  • We take notice of any ongoing or gradual maintenance issues
Traditionally, real estate companies will charge a percentage of the rent collected, and then have a host of extra charges - for the likes of arranging advertising, initial and final bond inspections, property condition reports, representation in court, postal fees, just to name a few. But at Bayleys you get great value for money and no hidden costs. Besides, all our fees are tax-deductible.
We look to lodge the maximum amount allowable under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 for all bonds, which is 4 weeks' rent. We believe this is key to make certain the chosen tenant has a financial interest in ensuring they look after your property and furthermore, we believe this provides good security should anything go wrong during the tenancy. All bonds are lodged with the Department of Housing New Zealand within the legal timeframe.
Absolutely. In fact, using the same company to both sell and manage the property is very easy. We can make sure the tenants are as helpful as possible, that all rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 act are adhered to, and the transition goes as smoothly as possible.
We will advise you of a 'fair market rental' which will be a figure based on what similar properties are currently renting for in each Christchurch suburb.
We always have a duty Property Manager available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to act upon emergency situations.
We take away your day-to-day worries, eliminate as much risk as possible, and have experienced and enthusiastic qualified staff. We have a number of staff members who have the highest Real Estate qualifications available.

"I have known Lisa & Matthew for several years, and over that time I have moved from managing my investment properties myself, to handing them all over to Bayleys Property Management. [...] I have been involved in property in Christchurch for over two decades and believe me these guys are the best!" ~ J. Purdue, Christchurch