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Government Reviewing Rental Rules




Government Reviewing Rental Rules

Government reviewing rental rules 
It was recently announced in a report from Cavell Leitch that the Government is proposing to make wide ranging changes to rental laws. 
These changes include:
• Scrapping letting fees
• A limit on rent increases to once per year (and potentially a requirement on Landlords to include a formula for rent increases in tenancy agreements)
• An end to 'rental bidding'
• Ending no-cause terminations (currently a Landlord can evict a Tenant with 90 days notice with no reaon, or 42 days with a given reason) 
• Setting some legitimate reasons for Landlords to evict 'rogue tenants'
• Making it easier for Tenants to own pets
The Government will consult on the proposals for 8 weeks, and any reforms are unlikely to become law before mid 2020. 
We will keep you updated as more information becomes available. 
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