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Learn about tenants' responsibilities, landlords' responsibilities & much more.

At Bayleys Property Management we strive to have an easy and stress-free relationship with the tenants we source for our landlords. The key is, of course, communication and making sure that we're always available to answer any queries you may have. Our Property Managers are experts at going the extra mile and so we have put together a comprehensive Tenancy Information Pack for you. You'll find a condensed version right here, alongside key tenants' responsibilities and landlords' responsibilities, and the complete Tenancy Information Pack is available to download for FREE.

Tenancy Information Pack


Landlords' Responsibilities

Your landlord's responsibilities (or Bayleys Property Management's as their agents) under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 are as follows:

Tenants' Responsibilities

Under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 you have the following responsibilities as a tenant:


Your landlord's insurance does not cover your belongings or liability. Therefore we strongly recommend you have your own contents and indemnity insurance. It usually covers third party damage which you may cause to the owner's property.

The owner is responsible for insuring the house and their property in the house.

Types of tenancy agreements

Bayleys Property Management prefer to sign an initial fixed-term tenancy agreement with most tenants as this gives both you and the property owner assurance over the coming months.

On some occasions both the tenant and property owner will agree on a periodic tenancy agreement.


Any chattels included with your property and as part of the Tenancy Agreement will be listed on your condition report. If there is any discrepancy with this list, please ensure you contact your Property Manager within 7 days of the start of your tenancy, otherwise we will accept the supplied list and condition report as correct.

What do I need to know about paying rent?

We expect that all rents are paid by automatic payment in advance, as per your Tenancy Agreement. We also require just one payment per tenancy. So if you have more than one tenant at your property, we highly recommend you open a joint/flat account from which to pay your rent and joint bills and accounts.

How do you deal with rent arrears?

Bayleys Property Management have a zero rent arrears policy which we strictly implement and action with all tenants. Many of our owners have substantial financial commitments and employ us to action our rent arrears policy strictly. We do implore you to contact us prior to missing a rent payment so that, if possible, we can make appropriate arrangements. You'll find a process we follow for all tenant arrears in the downloadable, full Tenancy Information Pack.

What do I need to know about property inspections?

We complete our initial property inspection approximately 6 weeks after the start of the tenancy and every 3 months thereafter. Your Property Manager will send you an email advising you of the date and approximate time of the inspection with a minimum of 48 hours' notice. You don't have to attend the inspection, but you are most welcome to be there. It is unlikely that the day and time of the inspection can be changed, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

How do I deal with property maintenance?

We prefer for you to email all non-urgent maintenance requests to your Property Manager or lodge requests at https://bpm2022.realonline.com.au/maintenance-form - If you have a maintenance emergency which requires immediate attention please phone the after-hours phone number 03 375 4812. Emergencies for example include unusable toilet, electrical faults, no running water or leaks/flooding.

In the full version of our Tenancy Information we have listed a range of tips to help you with daily property maintenance on your part. They cover condensation and mildew, carpet stain removal and air conditioning/heat pump maintenance.

What do I do when I shift out?

In order for your bond to be refunded as quickly as possible, you have to leave the property in good condition, clean and tidy.
Your Property Manager is happy to help you arrange quotes to clean the property and garden areas if necessary.
We have also compiled a cleaning guide for your final bond inspection which you'll find in the full version of the Tenancy Info Pack.

Unfortunately we can't inspect the property until you have removed all your belongings and returned the keys/met us at the property to return all keys. If all keys are not returned we will charge you for changing the locks.

Please ensure you have completed the following at/before the final inspection:


All tenant damage must be made good to a professional standard. We have negotiated discounted rates with our contractors for our tenants and owners. If you have damage that requires repair, please contact us for the details of our contractors.