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Changes to Residential Tenancy Act
10 September 2015 comments Matthew Curtis

Changes to Residential Tenancy Act

Early in July, Housing Minister, Nick Smith announced significant changes to the Residential Tenancies Act that will see a greater emphasis on compliance. The changes are predominantly around insulation of rental accommodation and smoke alarms becoming compulsory. There are other changes as well around laws regarding abandonment of tenancies and further protection for tenants against landlords who [...]

19 November 2014 comments Matthew Curtis

Do "bad" tenants target DIY owners?

Do “bad tenants” target privately managed properties. In short “yes they do”. Not all privately managed properties have a poor pool of tenants to choose from. But without a doubt “bad tenants” can and do target privately managed properties. Some of the reasons for this include, but are not restricted to – smaller bonds being required, tenancy applications [...]

25 October 2014 comments Matthew Curtis

Is your rental property safe and secure?

It is very important that your rental property is safe and secure. So, what’s safe and secure? Is your property able to be locked securely at all access points ie; windows and doors. Additionally, is the property safe? Although Landlords in New Zealand do not legally have to install or service smoke alarms, it is highly recommended you to get your property manager to arrange. Alternatively fire [...]

25 July 2014 comments Matthew Curtis

How can you attract the best possible tenants to your property?

There are many things you can do to ensure you get the best possible tenant for your property. Some of these things include property presentation – both inside and out. Matters such as the carpet being cleaned, the paint work being up to date, the property being though roughly clean throughout. Marketing your property correctly is paramount. Your property as a minimum should be advertised in [...]

25 March 2014 comments Matthew Curtis

Should you invest in buying units or homes?

Units or houses? Why not both? There are theories that say investing in units is better and others that say that houses are better. The answer to what is better for an individual comes down to personal motivation for purchasing. There are other considerations such as length of investment as the exterior of a complex of units does not need the upkeep that a typical house requires. A house will [...]


Christchurch Earthquake

In the last few weeks, Christchurch property owners and residents have lived through hundreds of aftershocks, following a 7.1 magnitude quake on Saturday the 4th of September. There has been much uncertainty for those with damaged properties and what steps they should take to have repairs and assessments completed. Some of the pressure has been released, with EQC confirming that owners have 3 [...]


Amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act 1986

The way we work and live has changed immensely since 1986, the days when: There were no mobile phones True Colours by Cindy Lauper was the number one song The Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened Space shuttle Challenger explodes shortly after take off  "Hands across America" raises $50 million to fight hunger and homelessness Canaries in British coal mines are replaced [...]


Rents on Decline Around New Zealand?

Rents on decline Around New Zealand?? Having read numerous articles over the past months regarding substantial increases in rent prices, mainly in Auckland, but also in other centres, it was interesting to read a particularly short article on on 8 May titled Rents on Decline around New Zealand – see article [...]


Christchurch Property for Rent Fuels Bidding War

Christchurch property for rent has been in high demand since the earthquakes, but one year on the number of people looking for a rental property in Christchurch has reached new heights. In the last weeks this has fuelled bidding wars amongst hopeful tenants, with some applicants offering to exceed advertised rental prices by as much as $30 a week! Not taking into consideration 1- or [...]


Christchurch Property Management – 8 Reasons to Get a Property Manager

The rental property shortage in Christchurch is all over the news and Canterbury’s papers. Property owners get inundated with hopeful tenants, bidding wars are flaring up and Christchurch rent prices are rising. With so much demand for rental homes it is of course a great time to be a landlord in Christchurch. But in order to make the most of the current investment it’s a good [...]


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